A young girl called the ‘World’s Youngest Opera Singer’ due to her heart-warming voice

At age 6, Victory Brinker first was faced with opera, and it was then that she decided she wanted to succeed in a career as an opera singer.

Victory learned her first aria in just two days, and three weeks later, she won her very first talent competition.

That year, she take part in 13 talent competitions and won a total of 12.

Victory started learning arias in seven different languages the following year, and she later performed at festivals and sporting events all over the nation.

And it’s not hard to understand why.

She says, ‘I love the challenge of the challenging arrangements, the technique necessary to sing, all the runs, and the various languages all the arias are written in.’

On account of its incredibly wide and difficult two-octave vocal range, this aria is impressive.

Josepha Hofer, Mozart’s sister-in-law, was in mind when he composed it.

This viewer puts into words how she performed, saying,

‘OMG. She has a euphonious voice. Her voice is darker and fuller than it should be and she does something no other child has ever done in my experience: her performance is full of emotion.

I have heard some gifted kids perform this aria, and some of them may do better with the highest notes.

The anger is present. The Queen of the Night IS Victory Brinke. I’m hoping to live long enough to watch her progress into the fantastic opera singer she will be.’

Victory has natural talent, but she works hard to develop it by training with her mother for 45 to an hour every day.

She wants to reveal to everyone that she belongs on the big stage. Victory needs to eat.

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