Wonderful photos of a girl who grew up with her canine best friend by her side

Willow and her dog Peaches have loved each other since the birth of the first. The girl grew up with the female Bulldog as her best friend, and the two of them are extremely attached to each other.

The photos illustrating their wonderful bond are pure happiness.

When Willow was born, Peaches, the female English Bulldog in the family, was 2 years old. Over time, the girl and the dog became inseparable.

Their friendship is so beautiful and unique that their parents decided to tell it on Instagram through a multitude of photos and videos, each more adorable than the next. The account dedicated to them totals nearly 24,000 subscribers.

A special relationship has developed between Peaches and Willow, but the little girl, who is now 5, is no longer the only one enjoying the canine’s gentleness, kindness and patience. Willow now has a little brother called Banksy. He too became very close to Peaches.

Here are photos retracing the superb friendship that characterizes this trio …

Peaches’ benevolent gaze on the newly born Willow

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