Without news of her dog for 7 months and having recently moved, a woman receives the message she so hoped for

A moving reunion took place between a woman and her dog who had not seen each other for months. The animal was found to be stray and its owner identified by its chip.

A female dog missing 7 months earlier was found and returned to her mistress, who had moved in the meantime, as reported by 9News.

On Friday, October 1, 2021, a resident of the northern neighborhoods of Denver, Colorado (Western United States), noticed a little dog alone in the street. She then picked him up and took him to the local shelter, Denver Animal Protection. Association staff immediately passed her through an ID chip reader and found that she was indeed wearing one.

This is how the volunteers obtained the contact details of its owner. Kenyetta Tyler had not heard from her dog CoCo since her escape in February 2021. 7 months of research, false hopes, disappointments and anguish… Until this message received from Denver Animal Protection , announcing that we had just found his 4-legged friend.

” I thought it was a joke ”
“I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke, “the young woman told 9News. She had left Colorado in July to settle further south, in the state of Texas. Despite everything, she still hoped to see Coco again. She also sends a message of hope to all those who, like her, have lost their companions: “Have faith,” she told them.

For its part, Denver Animal Protection calls on owners to chip their animals. The association does it for $ 20, or around 17 euros.

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