Without money, he lost 12 kilos: Vianney confides in a period of his life and hopes to overcome everything

Before becoming famous, the singer Vianney (Vianney Bureau) did not have an easy life.

If he is now very famous on stage and in the show The Voice, 12 years before his fame, he literally had to fight life to be able to survive.

Today, Vianney shines with his talent and popularity and has several admirers.

But, in a show on France 2, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter confided in a not at all simple period of his life.

At that time, when the singer did not yet know what success meant, he lived an almost unbearable life.

Having a fairly strong will, the young man decided to overcome life’s obstacles by fighting against life and against himself.

He recalled a bicycle trip to Sweden in October. He had almost no clothes and in October in Sweden it was already cold.

“I had no warm clothing, I had no money and I was always hungry, I suffered a lot and I lost a dozen kilos.

But despite everything I experienced, I remember those days with a smile.”

Being very religious, Vianney said: “I prayed a lot and I knew that the Lord would help me.”

He began to work hard to create the songs that made him famous.

His life changed in 2014, when his first album was released. And since then, he has always had success, especially during his last tour which filled him with happiness.

He was in a relationship with cellist Catherine Rober since 2016 and after four years the young artists got married.

On social networks, in 2021, Vianney announced the birth of her son Edgar.

The singer decided to rest and not tour for a few years to enjoy his family happiness.

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