Unconditional love signs: Giant dog comforts tiny rescue kitten during bath time

At a bath, a huge bloodhound displays affection to a four-week-old rescue kitten in heartwarming video footage.

Stephanie Vice, a 36-year-old veterinarian, saved the kitten while taking a bath in the sink, and the friendly dog approached him and gently placed her paw on the kitten’s head.

The wonderful event was captured on camera and warmed the hearts of millions of people around the world!

Stephanie and her husband Matthew are huge animal lovers, and they never pass up an opportunity to aid a small animal in distress, such as this cat.

The pair has fostered over 100 rescue cats so far, and their gorgeous bloodhound, Ruby Jane, has become quite friendly and affectionate with them. Despite this, she has never had some thing alike.

Stephanie was bathing the tiny rescue cat in the kitchen sink when the 5-year-old dog came over to console the precious little thing named Bodie, who was getting his first bath. What a lovely giant she is!

Stephanie remarked, “Ruby Jane is a highly playful dog who gets along well with all of the foster kitties.” “Since we brought Bodie home, she has developed a strong attachment to him.”

Here’s the sweet scene!

“With these three kittens, I’ve now fostered 107 rescue animals in the last five years,” the woman explained. “She, too, is a rescue; a friend brought her to me while I was grieving the loss of my former Bloodhound.”

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