Everyone knows this little girl, she is beautiful like a doll: the youngest model in the world

Ira Brown entered a modeling agency when she was a child.

The two-year-old American girl appeared on the catwalk in 2011 and from that moment everyone started talking about her.

She became the youngest model, and everyone admired her photos. Her parents didn’t care, they said that this activity made her happy: she likes to pose in front of the cameras, and she likes to be the center of attention.

The child has been compared to a Barbie doll. Many said that the girl becomes a source of income for the parents. There were even rumors that the little model’s hair was specially lightened.

Over time, the little model has started to change and many people don’t recognize her as this doll-like blonde girl. Now they find nothing unusual in his appearance.

However, she continues to work as a model and is considered one of the most sought-after models in the group of children.

In total, Iran has managed to cooperate with twenty-five famous brands. She also has an official Facebook page that lists the model’s contact details, and her parents’ numbers to contact advertisers.

And yet, Ira grows up like an ordinary child, draws, watches cartoons, and reads, but above all, she likes to be on the podium in front of the cameras.

And in 2017, the beauty took part in the film “Logan’s Luck”.

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