The popular musician Jon Bon Jovi supports people in need: he launched a social initiative

Many people have probably heard of Jon Bon Jovi, who is still a world star.

The popular artist supports people in need, he launched a social initiative.

His songs were popular in many countries around the world in the 80s.

His most famous song was “C’est ma vie”, which is still a worldwide hit and is often played on the radio.

However, not everyone knows that the beloved musician is also a real hero.

Bon Jovi has launched a social initiative to support people in need.

He is the author and owner of the restaurant “Soul Kitchen”, where you can eat without paying.

However, if the customer is ready to pay, he only pays 20% of the total invoice.

In addition, people in need eat here absolutely for free.

In addition, it was originally planned to cultivate a garden with herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

The goal is to provide people with such wonders of nature that plants can easily taste.

As mentioned in the initiative’s daily posts, the food is paid for by volunteers.

Here, the dishes are always fresh and delicious, made from organic products.

In addition, the kindhearted Bon himself cooks in the kitchen and sometimes even serves in the living room.

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