The owner decided to surprise her cats with a mask: their reaction is amazing

At the end of October, many celebrated Halloween, a party where people dress up to scare people.

However, our pets may also be surprised to see us dressed differently and wearing makeup.

This is what this woman experienced who had put in a cat mask and decided to see how her cats would react when they saw her like this.

But these two cats weren’t too happy when they discovered that their human friend had suddenly transformed into a cat.

Imagine that you suddenly discovered an unusual creature in your living room. That’s how these cats reacted when their owner appeared wearing a mask. At first, only one cat entered the room, then ran in a panic after seeing what had become of the owner.

And the very curious second cat couldn’t resist and decided to investigate rather than just believing his cat friend that something terrible was happening right behind the door.

The cat Congee was the first to see the huge, strange “cat”. He immediately started running!

As we know, cats are quite stubborn, so Tofu obviously wanted to see for himself what was causing all the commotion.

Needless to say, even four-legged creatures don’t like getting tricked. The reaction of the cats is hilarious!

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