The little schoolgirl danced at the Fathers and Daughters Ball with a kind policeman: worth to read

The events of this touching story took place in Arkansas, USA.

Evie Cox, an 8-year-old girl, had recently lost her beloved father.

Every year, the girls’ school administration organizes dads and girls balls where fathers dance with their daughters.

But since Evie didn’t have a father, her mother didn’t know who her daughter would go to the ball with. So she decided to turn to a police officer she knew.

Arkansas State Police Officer Nick Harvey accepted the woman’s request to become her daughter’s second-grader’s dance partner during the prom.

But the policeman was a little worried, since he didn’t know if Evie would want to dance with him.

“The police rented a limousine just for this event which took Nick Harvey and the other students to the fathers and daughters dance,” CBS News reported on the subject.

When they got to school, Nick looked at Evie, then said to himself, “well, tonight I’m her dad.” »

Everything went well and Evie was so impressed with the police officer’s kindness that she told CBS News she decided to become a police officer when she grew up.

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