The girl bought a cute white puppy: He grew up and turned out not to be a dog, but a unique wild animal

It’s not uncommon for people to purchase kittens as pets. When they grow up, however, they are not the promised breed.

Furthermore, there are instances where a purported pet is actually a wild animal that cannot be maintained at home.

This story started almost a year ago. In the pet store, a young lady purchased a pet. The puppy was said to be a Pomeranian Spitz.

It’s a charming dwarf dog breed with thick, fluffy hair that doesn’t grow much. Spitzes are sometimes compared to stuffed animals or miniature bears.

At first, the cute white puppy seemed quite ordinary. He regularly ate chicken breasts, fruit and dog food. But when he was 3 months old, he began to exhibit strange behavior. He had a strong appetite for raw meat and also had a hunting instinct.

The appearance of the “dog” also began to change.

The muzzle stretched out more than it should, the ears pointed to the tips, the body stretched long, the fur became much thicker, and the tail became too long and fluffy. In addition, the pet never barked .

And he also did not want to carry out the commands.

When the owner went for a walk with her “Spitz”, all the other dogs began to rush, growled, showed fear, tried to avoid and hide.

“Puppy” has been living with the girl for about a year. Then she decided to figure out what was wrong with her cat. She began to suspect that she had been duped and that the Pomeranian Spitz was not the one she had seen. But who was it, exactly?

She took the Spitz to the zoo, where scientists determined what species it was.

The Spitz had the appearance of an arctic fox, sometimes known as a white dog or common fox. It’s a rare creature.

The child had to leave her pet at the zoo since the fox’s instincts awaken as it grows older, and it can become destructive to civilization. According to, the owner was allowed to visit her pet.

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