Australian woman gave birth to a baby weighing 6kg: he is one of the biggest babies in the world

This baby is Lucas who was born weighing 5.9kg, he is one of the biggest babies in Australia.

Although he is huge, the baby was born so quickly and easily. The child is the woman’s second child. She gave birth to her first son a year ago.

His mother, Nina Tassel, 38, said her son was born so quickly they couldn’t even make it to the hospital.

The woman said she was with her husband, Adam when she sensed the child was about to be born.

So they were on their way to St. John of God Hospital when the woman noticed the baby was pushing.

Lucas decided to be born in the front seat of their car.

The day they will never forget, as the caring and confused husband had to drive the delivery straight away.

The funniest part of the story is that Nina’s sister, Sonya Anson, prepared with her all the necessary things for this special day.

However, when Nina called her and told her their plans had changed, Sonya had to give her instructions over the phone.

Thus, she was able to give birth on the spot before the doctors came to help.

In addition, it is considered a serious case and a risky delivery when the baby weighs almost 6 kg.

The child should be treated under the supervision of doctors.

Fortunately, the baby was born healthy and is now alive and well.

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