The 101-year-old woman adopted a 19-year-old cat to keep her company: They became best friends


The woman must spend most of the day in bed, so she missed the company of a pet. Her children spoke to a shelter, who suggested Gus, her loving elderly cat, but who was unable to find a home due to his advanced age.

Reaching the golden years of our existence does not have to be an unpleasant experience. It all depends on who we are close to, what we have done in our lives to accommodate this final episode, and perhaps most important of all, whether we have the affection of loved ones.

Penny, a 101-year-old woman, had all this: a family that takes care of her and her living conditions so that she does not go cold or hungry.

Still, the woman must spend most of her day in bed. Her relatives visit her, but they have jobs and lives of their own to take care of her. This is why one of her relatives paid attention to the suggestions of the same old woman: what he was missing in her life was a pet.

She had already had a kitten in the past, who died due to his advanced age.

Penny was ready to receive the company of another feline. Her relatives considered that a kitten, with its boundless energy and need to play at all times, would be too much for her.

By contacting the Humane Society of Catawba County shelter, they found the solution to her dilemma.

The shelter told them about Gus, an elderly cat that they cared for a while ago, but no one wanted to adopt.

Gus’s story was the opposite of Penny’s: after financial problems, his previous owners had to deliver him to the shelter.

There the cat continued to age, becoming an unattractive pet for owners who will seek to have a kitten for several years. But for Penny, he was the perfect pet.

This is how the 19-year-old kitten and the 101-year-old woman ended up living together.

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