The 1-year-old has been traveling with her parents all over the world since birth: see her story

Karen Edwards, originally from Ireland, worked in a hospital. She married Sean Bayes, a young New Zealander, and the couple lived in London.

Karen gave birth to a daughter and decided to travel throughout her maternity leave, as they both loved tourism.

Usually people think that traveling with a baby is impossible. But that wasn’t their case, as the couple proved otherwise.

They set out on their first trip when the baby was only 10 weeks old. Their loved ones were left speechless when they learned of the couple’s intention.

Asia, Australia, New Zealand were waiting for this extraordinary family. Currently, aged 31, Karen remembers all their adventures with their little baby.

Karen says it’s very important that your little one takes an active part in your lifestyle.

So, her husband quit his job, sold his vehicle, rented out his house and after having little Esme vaccinated, the happy trio set off on a trip.

Their wandering lasted 10 months and during that time they visited almost every continent. Throughout this time, the mother breastfed her little girl.

They thoroughly enjoyed their vacation, even taking turns swimming in the sea.

But these were not their last adventures. Sean and Karen are always planning new weekends as much as possible.

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