Teacher posts photos of backpack father wove for son: this is the cutest story of the day

We are in the 21st century, but especially in less developed countries, there are several children who live in needy families and there are those who are not even in school and work from a young age.

But caring parents do everything possible so that their children can receive a more or less decent education.

And here is a loving dad who worked so that his son could go to school with a school backpack.

Little Ni Keng, originally from Cambodia, had to go to nursery school. The child’s father bought books and other school supplies.

But as he earned his living by cultivating the land, he did not have the possibility of also buying a schoolbag, because in their country a simple school bag cost at least seven dollars which for their family was not a small sum.

Teacher posts photos of backpack father wove for son

So, the ingenious father decided to make a backpack for his child himself. The man worked all night weaving a backpack out of blue raffia thread for his boy.

When Ni Keng went to school, teacher Sophus Swan immediately noticed the handmade bag.

The teacher photographed the toddler’s bag and shared the images online.

“He’s a creative father, I love this school bag,” commented the teacher.

Internet users were also impressed by the dad’s ingenuity and dedication.

There were people who contacted the teacher and offered their support to the Keng family.

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