She gave birth to her first child at 14: watch how many children she has

Britain’s biggest family has welcomed its latest baby.

The Redfords’ large family surprised everyone, because after giving birth to their last little one 18 months ago, Sue gave birth to her 21st child, a little girl named Bonnie.

Social media, broadcasts, newspapers, all were talking about this incredible event.

The same reaction also occurred after the birth of their 20th child. At that time, we thought that the parents would put an end to it, but that was not the case.

The Radfors had known each other since childhood, when Sue was 7 and her husband Noel was 12.

The children had a lot in common, both lived with foster families.

The teenagers got together when Sue was 13 and at the age of 14 she gave birth to her first child.

They got married officially when the young mother turned 18.

26 years of marriage and 21 children, the last of whom was born when the woman was 43 years old.

The couple is proud of their children. They live in a large 10-room house that they bought 8 years ago.

The Radfors family runs a blog where they talk about life in their warm home, their vacations, raising children and of course their food, because every day they drink tens of liters of milk and fruit juice .

They eat several boxes of cereal and other foods. Their laundry is 18 kilos per day.

The family very rarely goes to the cinema or cafe, but they like to spend their time walking in parks and playing board games at home.

The Radfors family is very united, they love and support each other.

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