Rescued From Circus With Life-Risking Wounds, Lioness Made An Incredible Recovery And Freed In The African Bush

However, the nine-year-old lioness was suffering from life-threatening injuries at the time. She was exceedingly uncomfortable and debilitating when she was liberated and sent to a state veterinarian.

Sasha had bone cancer in her right front leg, and she was on the verge of losing it.

To prevent the unfortunate animal from mauling them, the sadistic trainers crushed her toes. She was beaten, confined to small cages, given leftovers, and made to perform three times every day.

She had spent six years in harrowing circumstances.

The veterinarians were worried that they wouldn’t be able to rescue her. They planned a ground-breaking procedure to save her leg right away.

To promote the natural bone to grow back, the vets replaced 8cm of damaged bone with a titanium rod, support mesh, and medical cement.

Fortunately, Sasha was a powerful lion. She battled hard to get back on her feet.

The lioness is in good health two years after surgery and is ready to wander freely in the woods.
In addition to Sasha, four additional lions and twelve tigers were rescued from circuses in Guatemala.

“After such a bleak start in life, Sasha is now pain-free. We assumed she was doomed since she would have struggled if the limb couldn’t be saved.” According to Tim Phillips, the nonprofit’s vice-president.

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