Reality TV candidate Julien Tanti speaks about the total amount spent on his recently undergone liposuction

The reality TV candidate was 24 years old when he was noticed by the public.

When Julien Tanti met his future wife, Manon, they both fell in love at first sight and decided to get married.

Over the years, the couple participated in various shows as a couple or alone.

The couple, parents of two children, decided to take care of their appearance. Recently, the Marseillais candidate underwent surgery, liposuction.

The surgery went well, but the reality TV man reveals the astronomical sum he paid to have the fat cells sucked out.

Because of this colossal price, a discussion was sparked on the Web.

The candidate showed a photo at the hospital and said he had fat removed. But that wasn’t all. His wife decided to have her hips filled.

For several days, the couple had been recounting details of their interventions.

The candidate, very happy with the result of his liposuction, showed his new appearance. He not only showed his figure, but also the detailed bill for the surgery.

Manon also showed her body to her fans, before and after the procedure. It became clear that the reality TV candidate had serious complications after the procedure.

First, Julien explained to the followers that a regular gym membership would be more expensive than his intervention.

Then the TV man said that for all the actions he paid 20,000 euros.

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