Priest excludes autistic child from first communion, saying boy disrupts those present

Every child should be loved and surrounded by love and care. It deserves to be accepted by everyone, because, unfortunately, there are little ones with special characteristics that stand out from ordinary children.

But this should not prevent such children from growing up among their peers, playing with them and having the same experiences as others.

For example, parents of children with autism know very well what a special child means, since it is not at all easy to take care of water.

They do everything possible to ensure that their children integrate into society.

But there are people who are not forgiving and lack kindness. And it becomes very surprising, if among such people there comes a priest.

Cristian is a 10 year old boy with autism. His parents Daniele and Monia try for their son to grow up like an ordinary child.

Cristian had to attend his first communion ceremony with children his age.

But during the dress rehearsal, the priest decided that the boy should receive communion in the sacristy on another day, when there would not be many people in the church.

The priest of the church in Italy located in Abruzzo suggested to Christian’s parents to bring the boy another day, because the child’s behavior during the ceremony may upset others.

So the parents decided that their son would take communion in another church.

Don Antonio already knew that the boy was autistic, the parents explained the situation to him, and the priest replied that everyone is equal before God.

And now, as during the rehearsal the child did not stay in his place, the priest changed his mind.

Cristian’s first communion took place in another church where several people attended. And during communion, people supported the boy and his parents.

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