Playful, disobedient dog becomes sweetest, most devoted big brother


Before the birth of his little sister, Loki was not the most obedient of dogs, nor the most disciplined. The arrival of the little girl in her life changed everything. The German Shepherd has instinctively developed into a protective and responsible big brother.

As reported by Animal Channel, Loki and Tallulah’s story shows how intelligent and sensitive dogs are. It also constitutes further proof of the complicity that can bind them to children.

Loki is a lovable German Shepherd Dog who, despite his kindness, was really giving his family a hard time behaviorally. He had serious shortcomings in obedience and discipline.

It often happened to him to jump on the tables, to chew the smallest piece of paper which passed under his nose or even to tear the pillows to pieces. The baskets he was supposed to sleep and rest on weren’t spared by his fangs, either.

Her owner Ryan Symes acknowledges his share of responsibility for his dog’s education problems. He realizes he didn’t do the right thing, but he has witnessed the incredible canine transformation that has taken place with the arrival of his daughter Tallulah.

A metamorphosed Loki after Tallulah’s birth

The birth of the baby prompted the German Shepherd to change his attitude and take on the role of a caring big brother. Loki constantly searches for her, watches her as she crawls on all fours, and stands ready to intervene if he feels she is in danger. A very strong bond and bond has developed between the child and the dog.

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