The baby became famous thanks to her magnificent hairstyle: look what she looks like after 3 years

Baby Chanko Kano was born in 2017 in Japan. From birth, the girl had magnificent hair, which grew thicker and longer every month.

When the baby was six months old, her mother created a page on Instagram and started sharing her photos. And after a while, little Chanco got a lot of fans.

It was thanks to her magnificent hair that the girl became famous, and about a year later she was invited to become the face of a popular shampoo brand, and a video was recorded of her participation, which was actively broadcast on local television channels.

After that, other countries heard about Chanco. And the activity on his page on social networks increased, and the number of subscribers exceeded 100,000 people.

Over time, several fashion magazines signed a contract with the baby, and she began to appear on the main pages of glamorous publications.

With age, Chanko’s hair has become more “standard, medium” but is still very thick. Sometimes they need to be shortened to avoid maintenance problems.

At the moment, the girl is three years old, and her career continues to gain momentum. She participates in various festivals, shows, and shows on television.

Now her hair is no longer her main feature, she is popular on her own. There are more than 400,000 subscribers on her page, and fashionable contracts and scheduled events with her participation are behind her, in advance.

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