In finnish schools, children up to seven years old study, observe and play freely

The Finns have made their education system very efficient. Its level is very high and it stands out from the educational systems of other countries.

It should be noted that education in Finland is almost free.

Before compulsory studies, children can receive early education, then at 6 years old comes preschool education which lasts one year and is compulsory.

Until the age of 7, children act very freely and do whatever they want during their classes.

By participating in preschool education, children have the right to also participate in so-called early education. Children’s classes include many activities and games, most of which take place outdoors.

Such freedom may surprise people, but this method has proven that students are not only satisfied, but they are considered among the best students in the world.

This method of education discovers that to have good results, it is not obligatory to use iron discipline. Young children are allowed to make noise, stand and run around.

Finnish teachers explain that up to the age of seven, children learn fundamental skills for life, for example, finding friends, managing your emotions, being able to calm down when you are angry.

“It’s the ideal age to learn,” say Finnish teachers.

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