Here’s how the heroic little girl saved her mother’s life: she was only 2 years old

This hero is little Sophie, she managed to save her mother’s life. The story is really touching, how a 2-year-old girl could react so quickly and intelligently. Little Sophie Missen, whose mother taught her son and daughter how to behave in an emergency.

This heroic girl saves her mother’s life by using her fingerprint to unlock her phone and call for help. Although Sophie’s brother is older than she, when their mother needed help, the toddler was the first to rush to help. This beautiful 2-year-old saved her mother’s life with the help of Messenger.

The family lived in Poole, Dorset, and it was a usual day when the little girl found her mother, Samantha, lying on the kitchen floor. The smart girl took her mother’s phone and pressed the sensor with her finger.

Then she used the Messenger app, clicked on the grandmother’s photo, and called her. Sophie told her grandmother that her mother was lying on the ground and did not answer her.

However, the 50-year-old grandmother was almost 255 kilometers from their home and was unable to get to the scene immediately. She asked Sophie to go and show her mother’s position on the phone.

After seeing her in this position, the confused grandmother called 911 and asked them to hurry to help her daughter. Before the ambulance arrived, Sophie and her 4-year-old brother brought a warm pillow and blanket for their mum.

The baby could have saved his mother’s life by reacting so quickly and intelligently. After Samantha recovered, she couldn’t believe her eyes that Sophie could go this far.

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