He was able to escape from a concentration camp: at 102, he met his nephew in the most incredible way

This 102-year-old man believed that no member of his family had survived the Nazi concentration camp.

Eliahu Pietruszka was born into a Jewish family. In 1939, his family was sent to a Nazi concentration camp.

The 24-year-old managed to escape to Poland and then take refuge in the Soviet Union.

His brother Volf was able to escape from the concentration camp, but the rest of the family ended their lives in the Nazi camp.

Volf also went to the Soviet Union, but soon was locked up in a labor camp in Siberia.

Eliahu believed that none of his family had survived and in 1949 he went to live in Israel.

After several years, the 102-year-old learned that his brother Volf had a son after his exile in Siberia. Living in the Urals, he ended his life in 2011, not knowing that his brother Eliahu was alive.

This story was revealed by a relative of Eliahu living in Canada, who did genealogical research.

So, after several searches, the woman learned that Volf had a son called Alexandre who was already 66 years old.

The elderly man looked forward to this meeting and before the meeting could not sleep for two nights, because he was in a hurry to reach his nephew.

Their meeting was overwhelming. Eliahu and Alexander met in Israel for the first time and it was an infinitely touching sight.

The uncle and nephew had a lot to talk about. Eliahu confessed that now he could leave this world in peace.

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