He captured the image of his pregnant wife: he didn’t know what was happening behind

People take several photographs, most of which get lost among countless images. But there are those that stay for life and these days can even become very popular on the Internet.

When this Florida couple was walking along Atlantic Beach at sunset, Dan Mozer decided to take a photo of his pregnant wife.

It may seem like there was nothing out of the ordinary. But the photo became very viral on the networks and went around the world on the Internet.

At first, the future dad himself was not aware what a beautiful moment was captured.

Angeline was pregnant with her first child and as the day of delivery was very close, the husband decided to photograph her before she went to the maternity ward.

The young woman posed all smiles, showing her big belly. There was nothing strange, the waves were rippling in the background, when an unexpected guest appeared there.

It was a dolphin that jumped just as the photo was taken. The man knew there were dolphins in these waters, but this captured jump was very unexpected and the couple was delighted with this image at the bottom.

The photo went very viral and many users admired the image of the pregnant woman and the dolphin diving in the background.

A few days later, Aneglina gave birth to their son Courtland.

“I managed to capture a wonderful image and I think as Courtland grows up he will appreciate this fantastic image as much as we do,” Dan told AWM.

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