Each year, an 80-year-old woman and her disabled dog take a journey of approximately 1,000 kilometers on horseback


Jane Dotchin travels on horseback every year from her home in Hexham to Inverness, Scotland. On August 31, she left with Dinky, her dog.

It all began in 1972. Jane Dotchin dressed up her horse and rode 600 miles (almost 965 kilometers) across Scottish countryside. The explorer, who is now 80 years old, has not lost her ambition, tenacity, or desire to travel. Despite her elderly age, she maintains this custom every year.’

At the end of August, she picked up her backpack and climbed on the back of Diamond, her 13-year-old horse. But the equine was not his only traveling companion. The intrepid octogenarian has comfortably installed in front of her Dinky, her disabled Jack Russell. The inseparable trio thus cover 15 to 20 miles per day (between 24 and 32 kilometers approximately).

The Scottish is well equipped. Among her precious luggage is a tent, good food and a lot of other things for her and her old furry friends.

Since her first expedition almost 50 years ago, Jane Dotchin has traveled the country on horseback. This epic journey typically lasts 7 weeks; it allows her to greet the people she has met along the way over the years.

“Depending on the weather, I can take a few different routes,” she noted. “I don’t pay attention to maps; I stick to the routes I’m familiar with.” During this voyage, the little group is satisfied with very little. The water is replenished significantly owing to the streams.

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