Dog with cancer who left vets helpless enjoys new life with breakthrough treatment


While most of the specialists consulted so far believed her to be doomed, a female dog with a cancerous tumor was rescued by a veterinarian who had agreed to give her a revolutionary treatment that she had never heard of.

Ally Heck and her family live in Georgia, in the southern United States. There are 3 dogs in the household, but their owners make no secret of their preference for one of these animals in particular. It is Dixie, an 8-year-old female Boxer who fell seriously ill, but was rescued, as People recounted.

“We have 3 dogs, but [Dixie] is our favorite by far,” admits the mother, who adds that her 4-legged friend, whom she adopted from a shelter when she was only 6 months old. , “Is phenomenal”. So when her owners learned that she had a cancerous tumor on one of her front legs, they were devastated.

They were even more so when the various vets who examined the dog explained to them that there was nothing more for her to do. The most optimistic had proposed an amputation.

The Hecks were convinced that, on the contrary, there was something that could be done to save her. They did their own research, and that’s how they learned there was a treatment called Stelfonta, or tigilanol tiglate. It is a medicine made from a plant native to Australia. They then looked for a vet willing to administer it and eventually found it.

“The cancer is dead. Let’s go ”

That person is Lauren Johnson. When Dixie’s owners contacted her, she told them she had never heard of this treatment, but was ready to give it a try.

The vet and the Hecks won their bet. “It’s been tested several times, and there’s no cancer anymore. The cancer died. Here we go, ”says Ally Heck. The tumor disappeared within a few weeks.

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