Clever dog escapes from home, then rings doorbell to get back inside

Dogs have made us laugh so hard that we have completely forgotten about our daily troubles. We just discovered one that will undoubtedly put a big smile on your face on this dismal fall day among the wide ocean of videos with pups doing what they do best – amusing us.

This Golden Retriever baby is a genius, and the way he goes about his business makes us wonder if he’s a dog or if he’s from another planet! But, if you want to know why I’m saying that, take a look at this!

Firstly, Marshall – as this handsome young man is known – decided he’d had enough of his folks and his house, so he ran out to explore his hometown of Spokane, Washington.

But after getting bored with it, I returned home in the midnight. But, because the puppy’s parents had shut the front door, Marshall had no choice but to beg them to let him back in.

Marshall, on the other hand, is such a nice and charming young fellow that he does it in the most polite manner possible, by ringing the doorbell. Thankfully, the dog’s owners installed a Nest cam – I’m sure to capture situations like this one – and the entire episode was captured on film. Take a look at this:

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