Cat accepts kittens as his own after they are found abandoned in an alley

Six small kittens from a litter that appeared to have been abandoned by their mother in Indianapolis, Indiana, ended themselves in a municipal alley. For this reason, they rounded up the infants, placed them in a cardboard box, and transported them to the city’s IndyHumane animal shelter.

Two rescue organization volunteers stepped up to provide the specific care the young ones required so they might have a chance to flourish in foster care.

Fortunately, Penny took three of the kittens to her house and Jennifer took three to her foster home.

One of Jennifer’s house cats, Bear, has a reputation for providing assistance to any visiting kittens who are in need. The cat has stayed to help ever since he returned home more than a year ago and has always been really kind and helpful.

Fletcher, Olive, and Mara, the three foster children, emerged from the cage and started to look about the entire house. They were delighted with their new existence as they continued their travels and found plenty of food and a variety of toys to play with.

The kittens were anxious at first, but they rapidly adjusted. They developed into curious and active children who adored meeting their toys.

They were comfy, but it was obvious they missed their feline mother, so a heated cushion and a plush heart were provided to them.

Fletcher enjoyed spending a lot of time with his adoptive mother and was quick to choose Jennifer’s lap as his favorite place to take naps.


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