He is the best example of kindness: a 108-year-old caring man knits coats for penguins

The kindness of this grandfather knows no bounds. He is the best example of kindness. He is already the 108-year-old, but he does everything for helping animals. The man knits coats for penguins. He loved animals from a young age.

So, in his later years, a man called Andrew Morris, who had long mastered knitting, spent them proving that something could always be done to help those in need. He spent her time teaching others to knit.

He had no idea at the time that this hobby would later become his main job and greatly improve the lives of animals. He is an extraordinary grandfather who did a huge amount of work for animals. A disaster in 2001 had a devastating effect on 438 juvenile penguins.

Alison Brown, an employee of the foundation, says that the clothes had a huge impact on the organization’s goals, and fortunately, 96% of them were found.

The director of the foundation says that after providing the knitting needles and the design, they produce the sweaters themselves and distribute them as soon as they are finished.

Luckily, whoever was responsible for the penguins’ welfare had the brilliant idea of making jackets that the birds could wear temporarily and that would protect them.

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