The kind and caring family adopted a 15-year-old abandoned dog with health issues

When you get a pet, you have to take care of it for the rest of its life.

This responsibility includes taking care of them even when they are old and have health problems.

Unfortunately, some pet owners don’t realize this and donate their pets after they get older.

It happened to a fifteen-year-old dog who was taken to a shelter when she started having problems with urination.

Netty, a 15-year-old dog, was taken from a shelter 10 years ago. But unfortunately, following health problems, she was entrusted to a shelter as she grew older.

Despite all of this, the shelter workers were determined to find a new family that she would spend the rest of her time with.

After the situation, the dog was very depressed. It is very difficult for older dogs to find owners, as most people prefer to have puppies.

People are unprepared for the challenges that come with having an elderly pet with health issues.

But, fortunately, there was a kind person who became a perfect family for Netty. Vet Amy Kidd heard this story and adopted Netty.

She had experience with older pets and she had just lost her 12-year-old dog who she also rescued from a shelter but failed to save from cancer.

Amy picked up Netty and gave her a loving home and family. She said her goal is to love and pamper this dog every day and treat her like a queen.

Netty quickly settled into her new home. She now has her teddy bear and other pets to play with.

As soon as she got home, she immediately fell asleep on the sofa with Amy’s daughters, surrounded by six cats.

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