Boaters save trapped baby moose and reunite her with mom

When these buddies set out on a trek into the Canadian bush, they had no idea they’d wind up saving a bawling newborn moose. Nonetheless, they raced to assist the tiny animal trapped between rocks when they discovered her. They eventually saved the tiny creature and reunited her with her mother after some struggle.

These wonderful folks may be seen kayaking on a river in Ontario, Canada, when they suddenly notice a newborn baby moose sleeping on some rocks at the edge of the water in a brief but viral video.

The men knew the calf might get trapped or something because the mother moose was close, so they approached her to inspect.

As soon as they arrived at the location, one of the men jumped from the boat and attempted to liberate the unfortunate little animal.

He quickly discovered, however, that her leg was caught between the rocks. The calf was too hefty for the man to lift by himself, so he enlisted the help of two other men, who eventually managed to rescue the young moose.

However, releasing the tiny animal was insufficient. The newborn moose was too small and frail to reach her mother on her own.

. So the rescuers carried her through the sharp rocks in their arms until they reached safe ground. The baby moose and her worried mother were eventually reunited.

Thanks to these heroes, an innocent little soul was preserved. They are true animal enthusiasts! Here’s a video of the touching rescue!

The video description states, “Four males rescue a newborn moose left behind by its mother.”

“The newborn moose was transported to the mainland before being released. The moose was not harmed in any way! ”

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