A beautiful little girl who looks like Rihanna surprised everyone and even the singer

A little girl who looks like Rihanna amazed everyone and even the singer. The little girl’s mother shared the photos on the Internet, and suddenly the singer noticed. It’s hard to surprise stars with anything, but Rihanna was shocked by a baby girl named Ala who looks exactly like her.

The singer posted a photo of her lookalike beautiful baby after the photo went viral. Probably, the girl has a great future as a model. In any case, the top model Tyra Banks is already interested in her.

The supermodel is far from the only one to have been shocked by such a resemblance. The rest of Hollywood didn’t go away either, with celebrities leaving plenty of comments on Instagram.

A cute little girl who looks like Rihanna surprised social networks and even the singer herself․ It’s unclear how Rihanna ended up in the photo, but it was originally posted by the girl’s mother, Briana, 25, on June 16.

There are many photos of her daughter on her profile, and after the star’s publication, the number of subscribers increased significantly, reaching 46,000.

Amid the popularity, the mother decided to create an Instagram account for her daughter, which has already been followed by 11,000 people.

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