Albino Dachshund Spends Years In A Shelter Before Living Their Best Life Due To Their Difference

Duke is no ordinary Dachshund, physically anyway. However, that didn’t stop him from living a happy life alongside the one person who had cared about him when he lived in a shelter.

Duke is an adorable 8 year old Dachshund dog. He had suffered for a long time from his characteristic peculiarity, namely albinism, as Team Dogs recounts.

It is rare to meet albino Dachshunds. Duke thus has an all-white dress, a pink muzzle and blue eyes. Alas, this also caused him partial deafness and blindness. Additionally, Duke has dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart disease, and must wear sunscreen when going out due to his sensitivity to sunlight.

Because of his unique appearance and his specific care needs, the quadruped has stayed in refuge without any potential adopters being interested in him. Until a visit from a Mercedes Andrade in 2013.

A 38-year-old Texas-based accountant, Duke fell in love with Duke the moment she saw him. She adopted it immediately. “You couldn’t help but see how gorgeous he was,” she recalls.

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