African albino girl has a special appearance: it is impossible not to notice her beauty

Sometimes nature makes its own alterations to people’s appearance. An example of such alterations is albinism. It is a genetic feature in which a person lacks the brown skin pigment.

In people of Slavic appearance, this miracle is more familiar than in people of the Negroid race.

So, in the Clark family eleven years ago a blonde girl, Ava, was born. She didn’t look like her parents, the girl was completely blonde with white skin and hair.

But skin color is not the only feature of albinism. As a general rule, eyesight also suffers. So it was with Ava. She was blind.

However, after a while, due to the doctors, the girl began to see well.

At present, Ava is studying at an American school. And the girl is very lively, she adores sports: she above all likes to run and do gymnastics.

It is impossible not to notice such a special appearance, so she quickly got many propositions for cooperation from model companies.

Ava has already taken part in photo shoots for worldwide journals such as BOOM Magazine, and VIP Magazine.

But the girl finds that her greatest success was shooting the clip of her favorite star, the singer Beyoncé.

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