This fantastic woman made her dream come true: her life is just a real fairy tale

This young woman has been a lover of adventure since childhood. She has always loved traveling all over the world, especially with her father. And after growing up, she decided to make her life a real fairy tale.

Meet Marina Piro from Italy, who has finally fulfilled her beloved dream of traveling the world with her lovely dog.

More than 6 years ago, she was on a trip to one of the cities of Italy, when she met her adorable four-legged friend.

Having always dreamed of enjoying the picturesque places of the world with her Odie, the young girl decided to make her dream true.

Marina bought a 2001 Renault Kangoo 5-door and decided to transform it into a comfortable and ideal living space.

The main advantage was that the house would be mobile, which would allow her to realize her beloved dream.

The adventurous lady emptied the van and installed all the necessary sectors of a comfortable home.

She made the floor, a mini-kitchen, and a bed with her hands, and she even hung curtains to make it look like a real house.

Thus, the adventurous and caring woman took the first step towards her dream without having to reach an airport and a bus.

Now, Maria and Odie are enjoying their beautiful travels together, which bring immense happiness to both of them.

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