The mother organized a photo shoot for her little boy, showing him growing up

Dani Lee is an American artist who has two sons. When her second boy was born, the mother decided to get an interesting series of photos, taking pictures of the baby with slices of pizza every month.

The number of pieces increased every month. The boy’s name is Lorenzo.

Since the mother was very fond of Italy and Italian culture, she decided that there should be pizza in the photos.

The woman wanted to implement this idea even at the birth of her first child, but due to certain circumstances, this idea was not realized.

It was only after a few years, when the second baby was born, that she decided she had to photograph the baby.

As a result, the mother received a series of creative photos, which she posted on her social networks.

Her child is a very active and happy boy, so it is very easy to photograph him.

When the woman shared her impressions on the Internet, she mentioned that for so many months the only difficulty was to divide the pizza into 12 equal parts.

The woman also notes that in the future, the child will be very happy to see such creative pictures from his childhood.

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