A young boy bought an old barge and turned it into a magnificent house: his family was overjoyed

Billy Walden adores making and fixing things. Thus, the 18-year-old boy from Lancaster (UK) decided to renovate his old Volkswagen camper. The guy has golden hands after the old camper, he took up the old rusty boat. In just two months, he turned it into a wonderful house for his family!

The boy bought the barge for just £5,000. He decided to turn an old boat into a dream house using his thoughts and imagination.
“I love bringing my ideas to life. It’s so amazing when you can do whatever your heart wishes”, says Billy

The price of such a boat is usually almost £12,000. But Belli handled to buy it cheaper as long as it was non-operating. He spent another £2,800 on repairs to the inside of the boat.

Hard work did not scare the guy. He had to remove all the partitions to open up more places. To rebuild the frame, he used a wooden beam and a metal profile.

Peren created the kitchen and dining area with his own hands. In this case, only natural materials and wooden furniture were used. Billy installed glass doors leading from the interior area to the deck.

Now the boat has rooms for each member of the family, a bathroom, and other amenities.

Mom and sister Billy took care of the arrangement of the bedrooms. And the deck itself has become a real oasis where the family can relax and enjoy the indescribably beautiful view.

The rusty boat has turned into a floating “dacha” for the summer holidays. “We love to travel on our wonderful boat. We’ve covered a few hundred miles already,” said Billy.

Did you like the story about this gifted guy? Would you like to travel in such a “home”?

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