A kitten and a tiny puppy arrive at the shelter on the same day about to cross the rainbow

When a little kitten and a tiny puppy arrived at the same shelter on the same day, their lives collided, with the most unpredictable outcome. But it’s what transpired after that that is the most emotional thing to witness.

They met in the throes of anguish. His narrative tells of an incident that leaves an everlasting impact on what it means to find someone who comes into your life, and how, unexpectedly, it becomes a salve for the awful misery of feeling alone in the world.

The two animals came at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center in Virginia, United States, on the same day but under different circumstances.

Chicky, the kitten, had been found abandoned on the street, but he was in good health.

The dog, on the other hand, was not so lucky. The unfortunate little kid had been hospitalized earlier due to a person who was obviously shocked and sobbing with grief for this small being he discovered in such a dreadful shape.

“He was dying and required immediate assistance,” said Huffman, the shelter’s director.

The unfortunate man was unconscious, and his blood glucose and body temperature were so low that they couldn’t be measured.

He remained unresponsive even after the first treatment, spending many hours with his eyes closed and unable to even elevate his head.

A shelter volunteer brought the puppy home to monitor him overnight, and despite the fact that he began to respond, he also took care of him the next night.

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