A fragile kitten waits outside a house until a human offers help

A stray kitten has posted itself in front of a house, hoping to be noticed by residents. His wish has come true: he has started a new life.

A black-haired kitten was discovered sitting in front of a house. Skinny, exhausted and sick, he hoped to see a kind hand reach out to him.

“She was underweight and suffered from nasal congestion. One of her eyes was almost completely closed due to an infection, Precious, a family member told Lovemeow, we decided to take her in and take care of her.”

The little female was named Sweetie. The original plan was to keep her while she recovers and find her a loving forever home. But not everything went as planned!


During the first 2 days, Sweetie remained very fragile. She didn’t have enough energy to eat on her own and move around. Her benefactors fed her with a syringe, and provided her with all the medical care she needed.

During her recovery, the kitten insisted on napping on her rescuers’ lap. Gradually, his eyes and nose began to heal; she even regained weight, as well as strength.

When the young survivor stood on her 4 legs to play and explore her new environment, her personality quickly emerged. She also met Mickey, the house cat, who was very curious and friendly.

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