A brave and mischievous Cane Corso dives into a pile of fallen leaves to locate its missing owner


Like every year, autumn is making a comeback. This is an opportunity for dogs and their owners to enjoy lovely walks, but also to have fun in the dead leaves. This was the case with Zeus and his favorite human.

Autumn always offers us magnificent variegated landscapes, real spectacles for the eyes. Walking your dog in the heart of nature, which begins to fall asleep, is pleasant and invigorating. Some even enjoy playing among the fallen leaves of the trees. While this scene may seem funny at first glance, it is worth remembering the dangers hidden in the piles of leaves.

Ticks, spiders and other little critters love to nest in this cozy nest to the chagrin of your 4-legged companion. In addition, some concealed objects, such as sticks or stones, are likely to injure the animal which happily jumps on them.

Finally, it is preferable that the doggie does not ingest the dead leaves, some of which can cause him some inconvenience. The ideal is to protect your furry friend from parasites and to keep an eye on him during outings.

Of complicity

In Pennsylvania (United States), a man posted on TikTok a video, taken by his wife, in which he is having fun in a green setting with his Cane Corso, named Zeus.

When he jumps into a large mound of fallen leaves, his brave 2-year-old dog runs to his rescue. The canine frantically searches to find the missing person.

Once found, Zeus happily leaps at him, grabs his hand with his teeth, and pulls him out of his leaf blanket to bring him to safety. This moment of complicity has been seen thousands of times on the social network, reports Daily Mail.

The Cane Corso remains very close to its owners, as well as to its 2 canine siblings. In addition to being protective, Zeus is an extremely affectionate and loyal dog. Other clips posted on TikTok illustrate the unique relationship he has with his family.

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