A 65-year-old woman gave birth to four amazing babies: look how they look after 3 years

Presently, women frequently give birth to babies after 40 years. This is the age when women have already built a career, managed to earn money, and now decide to build a complete family.

The hero of the story is a German woman – Annegret Raunig. Being a mother of 13 children and grandmother of 7 grandchildren, she decided to have another baby.

Annegnet always loved kids and wanted to have another baby. The birth of a new baby was especially awaited by the youngest daughter Anngret, who was 10 years old at that time.

The woman knew about the different risks of complications during pregnancy, but she decided on IVF. Life decided to make a present for this family and they had four babies at once!

After the birth of the quadruplets, Annegret got into the Guinness Book of Records.

The woman’s family was cheerful after the birth of a quadruple. The children’s mother received an award from the authorities and signed an agreement with a TV channel that wants to cover the story of this family on TV. The family also moved to Hörster, to a larger house.

Annegret Raunig does not pay attention to the views of other people, she relies more on her wishes and opinions. She doesn’t worry about the future and knows that everything will be fine!

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